Science and Technology (Advantages and Disadvantages)

What is science?

Science is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. It is a methodological activity, discipline, or study, an activity that appears to require study and method. Or simply, for me, science is the explanation of everything that you can see and of those which you could not.

What is technology?

Technology is the application of tools and methods. It is the method of applying technical knowledge. It is everything that is made by man to make living easier and more convenient.

In today’s world, we could never detach the word technology from science as it goes hand in hand. For example, if science is the study of everything, well, technology is the product of all these studies.

To make it simpler, I’ll make an applicable example. In the cultivation of land for crops, the study of cultivating the land is called science while, the things you use to cultivate it is called technology e.g. spade, tractor, plowshare and the likes.

Through the years this things had helped us and today, they continue to help us and promises to continue helping us in the future. In contrary, though these things help us to grow, we should always bear in mind that anything that is not natural has its side effects.

Now I’m going to present to you the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology.

I will give you pictures and show you both its advantages and disadvantages.


 Medicines are used to cure and prevent diseases, to strengthen the immune system, and to boost the body’s performance. This is the advantage of medicine. While its disadvantages, were its side effects.  It might also cause overdose when not taken with the right prescription.


Do not be captivated by the child’s cuteness, focus on what he was holding. See? At his very young age, this child was already using a phone not knowing that phones have radiations that may cause certain health problems. But, on the bright side, the child might be having a conversation with her mother working on the other country. With such a long distance, phones are really helpful as a means of communication to make a constant personal touch. Phones are also helpful in times of emergency.


Fertilizers are used to boost the plants growth, to cultivate land and to ensure a healthy growth for an abundant harvest. On the other hand, these fertilizers may cause danger to the health of those who get contact to it especially to those who would accidentally intake the fertilizer. Also, fertilizers may desolate the land.


            This tomato, as it looks, was so big. It actually weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces (3.52kg). Amazing right? This is because of the science and technology. It had caused the tomato grow big which is a big help in industrialized countries having most of its lands built with large buildings making it unable to grow large quantity and wide variety of plants. But, knowing that it is not natural, means that it has side effects, it might be that this tomato might cause the food to perish faster and it might not be safe anymore to eat this big tomato.

These were just a few of the sciences and technologies in the world that we are able to see and even use in our everyday life. All of it has its own advantages and disadvantages but, what is sure was that these things are made to make living easier and more convenient though, sad to say, these also unwillingly make our life shorter.

Imagine your life being a cancer patient due to too much exposure to radiation or being poisoned by the chemicals you intake or by the air you breathe. This might be a possible outcome of too much exposure to science and technology. But, also try to imagine your life without your phone, then you are lost in the middle of the town or you don’t have the internet and you have to finish your research by tomorrow or you might be having hypertension and you don’t have these medicines.

I know that science and technology has its side effects, its disadvantages, but, what I understand was that, all these things help make living easier and help make works become faster. When I would grow old, I’d rather take the medicine for my hypertension and suffer its side effects than consider that it would be my end.