Importance of the Earth’s Hydrosphere

Hydrosphere refers to all the water that comprises the earth’s surface. Hydrosphere is composed of all forms of waters whether liquid, ice or in the form of water vapour. The hydrosphere comprises almost ¾ or about 71% of the earth’s surface. Hydrosphere simply means the totality of the water that surrounds the earth.


Water is very essential in the life of every organism. Water, unbelievably, comprises 75% of our body. As we all know, water has been one of the primary needs of humans, animals and all living things since the very beginning of the world’s existence and it would continue until the end. There are many uses of water in our daily world. It has served as a habitat for the marine and aquatic creatures, it satisfies the human needs such as to quench thirst, wash clothes and dishes, used in cooking, bathing, watering plants, and industrial purposes and also, it has been used as a source of hydroelectric power which provides us energy in a form of electricity. Water has also served as one of the reasons that made the earth available for the existence of human beings because of its very special characteristics that cools and heats slowly making the earth able to adjust with the sudden changes of the temperature. Water also has its special ability being the universal solvent. These are some of the many importance of the earth’s hydrosphere.

Throughout our lives, we just consume water and never care much about it. But, what does really happen to water after we consume it?

Water has its cycle. Water from the surfaces of the earth evaporates due to the heat and form water vapours in the atmosphere this is called the process of evaporation. When the water evaporates, it accumulates in the atmosphere, this then is called condensation. After condensation, the water vapours pour down again to the surfaces of the earth in the form of a rain and this process is called precipitation.

So much for the amazement, if water has its many uses and functions, it also has its corresponding problems. In today’s world, water is somehow no more 100% safe for us to use. Also, one island is feared to be gone for the next following years because of the continuous rise of the sea water.

The water we see today were no more safe to use because it was already contaminated and who was to be blamed? None other than us! Because of our continued technological improvements, our natural resources have been damaged particularly, the water.

We continue to create better artificial things which would make our life easier and more convenient but we forgot the fact that each step we take to something we don’t have, is a step we take away from what we already have.

Also, these were the same reasons why the sea water level continues to rise. Because of our technological advancements, we also have damaged the ozone layer which causes global warming making the earth’s surface hotter which then makes the large glaciers melt down. If the global warming continues to worsen, the earth would become much hotter and glaciers in return, would melt faster and if all the glaciers melt, many other islands would be gone in the world’s map.


I know that these threats could no more be removed since one sad factor of the earth is that, it is incurable in some of its aspects and sadly, the hydrosphere is one of these aspects. All that we can do now is to minimize it through minimizing ourselves from our continued act of demolishing the earth.

I know that we only do these things for us to have a better and easier way of living. Who would not want to? But, we should always bear in mind that even improvements and convenience if too much, is also not good!

You might say that I am just pessimistic but, when should I start to worry? When it’s already late? Think of it!