Extra Terrestrial

   Extra terrestrial comes from the latin words: extra (“beyond”, or “not of”) and ‎terrestris (“of or belonging to Earth”. It is defined as life that does not originate from earth. It refers to the alien life or simply the aliens. These hypothetical forms of life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more advanced than humans.

The extra terrestrial beings are believed to exist though proofs of their existence are still unknown.  Researches have been done to prove their existence but for now, since the research for these kind of beings had started, nothing has been proven yet.

Come to think of it. If there are these kinds of beings, it only means, it’s not only us who thrives in this universe we belong to. These means, there are threats in our existence. What if someday, there place would be so crowded already and they would decide to thrive on earth. As said earlier, they are far more advanced than humans therefore, if they will need our world, they could just simply eviscerate us. I doubt the humans would stand a chance.

But, think in a different manner, if they are really present maybe, we could ask for their help with regards to our problems here in our world since they are far advanced than us, maybe they could lend us some of their knowledge and technology. Can you see it? They would be a big help to us.

If they really exist, why didn’t they show themselves up? Fear cannot be a reason for this I think since, as said earlier they are far advanced than us. So, why will they fear us if they are far more powerful than us? Well, maybe, they were just a peaceful kind of beings and they have seen that humans can create nothing but chaos that’s why they are avoiding us.

One thing I just realized was that, if they have advanced technology, maybe, they were living with us as one of our neighbourhood or were just above us but we cannot see them. If my wild imagination was right, we are surrounded by aliens already in this world we thrive on.

Another thing, if these extra terrestrials exist, where does they live? And how do they live? How they reproduce? How do they look? I know you also have a lot of questions about them but all of these were still unanswerable.

Scientists continue to research and conduct experiments and expeditions in the galaxy in order to clarify whether or not these being exist.

Well, in my opinion, if they don’t exist, why do stories about them continue to grow and why do people and scientists continue to research about them, why all these stories and beliefs vanish. For me, I believe that they really exist and that they were just waiting for the right time to show themselves u ad lend us some help but for now, they just choose to remain as a belief so that people will not know anything about them because it would just create a great chaos between our races because humans, by its very nature, are greed not just in earthly things but also in terrestrials. I know that if one terrestrial would be caught, scientists would look at it as a great source of knowledge, a great source of fame.

Maybe if they just have seen humans as friendly beings, they might have shown up their selves from the very point that they have discovered our existence.


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